1. trainingmygirl:

    The lion is displayed on the wall for inspiration.

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  2. littlebitsoflust:

    Kissing with deep slow thrusts?
    Exactly what I want you to do to me now

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  3. ballerinabondagefairies:

    The one part of her weekly timetable that she didn’t want anybody else, particularly her lover, to know about: her irresistible desire to being slowly, meticulously, tied by an older man, her weekly chance to melt into a puddle of particles and reemerge anew.

  9. mysirsgirl:

    Is this true for you?


    Bindings can be like jewellery - they enhance your beauty, reveal more of who you really are, express a part of your identity. They serve a practical purpose as well, of course, but often a sub will slip the cuffs on herself. A way of saying “I’m ready to serve, I’m ready to be confined, I’m ready to have my freedom taken away.” That makes them so, so much prettier.

    Ropes and chains and cuffs make me smile… they can make a girl look more naked, more vulnerable, more complete. They emphasise her nakedness, not hide any part of it. 

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